Neymar Eyeing History With ‘Football Idol and Genius’ Messi

On Lionel Messi

“I’m very happy and very satisfied with having Messi at PSG, not only is he a football idol, a top player and a genius, he is also my friend”.

“And when you have friends by your side, your daily life is lighter and quieter”.

“We hope to make history together just like we did at Barcelona”.

On Marco Verratti

“I knew he was good but did not know he was as good as he is, a genius like he is”.

“Today I can firmly say that he is one of the best midfielders I have played with, alongside Xavi, and Iniesta”.

On Pele

“Pele to me is the kind of football, the biggest idol in Brazil”.

“I have a huge amount of respect for him and for everything he did for our football and country”.

“If Brazil is world-famous nowadays for football, it’s because of him”.

“We are really blessed that Pele was born in Brazil”.

On Brazil Record Goal

“I think this is one of those records I want to achieve because it’s for my country, the national team play for and for the country I was born in”.

“I don’t think I can express how it would feel if I achieved that goal”.

On His Idol

“Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan is a guy that inspires me. I believe we have similar stories”.

“I get a lot of inspiration from him and from the things he went through and things he said, so he is an idol of mine”.

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